Three Circles

Curated by Holly Aubichon, Sakewewak Artists’ Collective Inc.

Showcasing Indigenous art produced in Regina from 1991 to 2022, these gallery boxes in downtown Regina showcase the work of three Indigenous artists over a period of three decades. Ron Ewenin Wapemoose, Jori Cachene, and Jamie Reynolds’ art offers a trajectory of Indigenous art through three decades of influence.

With each gallery box there is a storied transition of aesthetics, celebrating years of Indigenous artists’ resistance to a pan-indigenous identity. Three Circles acknowledges 30 years of individual sovereignty over the way Indigenous peoples express their knowledge, both handed-down and reinvented.

Jamie Reynolds

Jamie Reynolds is a multidisciplinary artist from Pasqua First Nation, living and working in Regina. Graduating from the University of Regina in 2010, she has spent the last dozen years involved in the local arts community as a teacher, curator, facilitator, speaker, mural painter, and artist in residence. Her work flows from realism to the absurd, with a healthy dose of irony and humour. She is currently working on a series of paintings focusing on crown land and conservation.



Jori Cachene is a local Regina designer and artist from the Yellow Quill First Nation. They have been practising their craft for 20 years and enjoy both fine arts and media design. Artistically, their practice involves working with acrylic, oil, watercolour, ink, and digital fine arts. Jori incorporates the use of traditional, mystical, and natural symbolism and attempts to capture intersectional themes of Indigeneity, identity, feminism, and environmentalism.

Ron Ewenin Wapemoose

Ron Ewenin Wapemoose is from the Cowessess First Nation. He is a self-taught multi-media artist and pow-wow dancer. As a third-generation residential school survivor, Wapemoose started doing art as a means of self-expression and healing, and to stay out of jail. He lives as an artist, selling his work to provide honest revenue for the pocket and for the soul.

His tarot cards took several years to complete, and merge iconic imagery from First Nations aesthetics and the wording from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck to create a new deck. His art can be found and bought at The Broom Closet, T&A Vintage, Awarehouse Books, Penny University Books, and T.V.W.F. Healing Centre.


Nov 15 2022 - Feb 28 2023


All Day




Regina, SK


Regina Downtown BID