Saturday February 17th

Saturday February 17th, Music & storytelling Night 7:00-10pm

Join us for another engaging evening filled with joy as we delve into the narratives of artists exploring their stories through written accounts, lived experiences, and the transmission of both ancestral and contemporary knowledge. The night kicks off with the vibrant energy of Justin Holness, who will share his thoughts through music, setting the stage for a relaxing and enlightening interlude.

We invite you to take this opportunity to connect with storytellers who have dedicated themselves to learning stories, both written and oral, as they impart their wisdom and experiences. The evening wraps up with the screening of Zoey Roy’s Medicine Project music video, promising an inevitable transition into a lively dance party, celebrating local community members: Joely Big-Eagle, Brenda Dubois, and Annie Brass as we close the night. Come and be part of this enriching experience, connecting with art and stories in a night that promises to be both enlightening and entertaining!