Friday February 16th

Friday February 16th, Theatre & Music Night 7pm – 9:30pm 

Experience an evening of music and storytelling, where the captivating art of storytelling takes centre stage. Prepare to be swept away by an extraordinary evening that weaves together music, theatre, storytelling, and puppetry, creating an immersive experience like no other. Featuring incredible performances by artists; Skyler Anderson with his production “âcimowin”, alongside actors; Teddy Bison, Todd Houseman, Tai Reign, and Leslie Anderson. 

Friday Night begins with a jam, artists Erroll Kinistino and Josie Linka will share their stories through music before we turn down the lights for a multilayered production, “âcimowin” created by Skyler Anderson. Through his artistry, Anderson brings stories to life in a way that transcends traditional boundaries, captivating audiences with a unique blend of sound, visuals, and narrative finesse.